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Get top-of-the-line cloud implementation services that help easily achieve high-performance, readily scalable cloud-based infrastructure to put into the core of the market-defining solutions.

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Our major focus is the integration of business-boosting DevOps techniques with projects and workflows looking for a sturdy competitive edge and versatile cloud performance opportunities. We provide expertise in cloud implementation services to help you smoothly adapt to scalable, high-performance cloud environments.

[tm_box_icon heading=”Cloud Providers” text=”The value of use lies in providing affordable and scalable access to services and IT computing resources. Your company gains access to services such as infrastructure, platforms and software.”]
[tm_box_icon heading=”Containers & Orchestration” text=”These tools help streamline operations and reduce business costs, automate deployment, network impact, and improve security. It is planned to work on the basis of microservices in several clusters.”]
[tm_box_icon heading=”CI/CD” text=”Helps to productively and fast deliver software. These tools will help alleviate and greatly speed up the process of getting projects to market. Provides a continuous flow of new functionality and supply code to production.”]
[tm_box_icon heading=”Configuration management” text=”These management tools help keep working computer systems, software, and servers in good working order. The process is necessary to make sure that the system works as supposed, taking into account modifications and updates.”]
[tm_box_icon heading=”Databases” text=”The value of tools is in creating the possibility of storing and accessing information. There is a systematic collection of data, they can be analyzed and their safety complies with all security policies.”]
[tm_box_icon heading=”Service” text=”It will allow the synchronization of data between nodes and restore their states. Distributed database management, handles large amounts of information, and provides high availability without fail. Uses caching models.”]
[tm_box_icon heading=”Monitoring” text=”These processes permit your company to use an organized system for assembling, analyzing and utilizing information to monitor program development for management solution making.”]
[tm_box_icon heading=”Infrastructure provisioning” text=”This setting helps to create, apply, administrate and automate infrastructure. These tools are needed when managing access to information and resources. This process is not a configuration step, but they are both necessary deployment steps.”]
[tm_heading custom_google_font=”” css=”.vc_custom_1665589814738{padding-top: 40px !important;}”]Cloud Implementation Services We Provide[/tm_heading]

Today, companies must be flexible, provide services quickly in order to be competitive and become market leaders. Our services provide you with such an advantage. Cloud services make it possible to conduct large-scale business.

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[tm_box_icon icon_type=”linea” icon_linea=”linea-basic-elaboration-cloud-check” heading=”Cloud strategy development” text=”We kick off a cloud project by scrupulously analyzing requirements and forming an individual workflow strategy.”]
[tm_box_icon icon_type=”linea” icon_linea=”linea-basic-laptop” heading=”Infrastructure management” text=”All you need to do is share your product vision – we manage cloud infrastructure performance for you.”]
[tm_box_icon icon_type=”fontawesome5″ icon_fontawesome5=”far fa-cloud-sun” heading=”Cloud design” text=”To deliver the most individually efficient results, we have savvy specialists that design cloud infrastructures from scratch.”]
[tm_box_icon icon_type=”linea_svg” icon_linea_svg=”linea-weather-cloud-lightning” heading=”Cloud optimization” text=”If you have an existing cloud infrastructure that can be enhanced – we can optimize it throughout for the best performance.” lg_spacing=”padding_top:0″]
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[tm_heading custom_google_font=””]Our Cloud
Implementation Stages[/tm_heading]

When it comes to cloud implementation services of any purpose and scope, we focus on a stage-by-stage development process reinforced by a smooth professional workflow. This is why we choose to subdivide projects into structured logical phases and stages.


This step is very important as it determines the current state of your infrastructure and the likely benefits you can get from the cloud. For your company to successfully use them, we will designate which application and information are best for the day of the transition to the cloud. This defines all future activities.


The rapid growth of the company, its flexibility, and rapid adoption of innovations are only part of the benefits that your enterprise receives when migrating to the cloud. Our professionals create a carefully crafted implementation plan in the cloud. It helps to implement technology development strategy without obstacles, ensuring security..


Now our team is working even more closely with you and starting to provide a quality implementation in the cloud. We set up and test the future working environment, taking into account all the important components of security, computing, and so on. We use automated processes to install annexes and follow the roadmap for implementation.


An important step is an optimization, which is the configuration of the distribution of cloud components that are needed for the operation of the infrastructure. This helps to achieve performance and reduce wastage of resources. We are implementing a strategy that pays for the implementation of the transition to the cloud.


IT Outpost support is with you all the time. Even when your infrastructure is running smoothly in the cloud, we support you at your request. We review the post-cloud implementation and provide you with comprehensive educational programs and comprehensive recommendations.

[tm_heading custom_google_font=”” align=”center” font_size=”xs:32″]Benefits of Our Cloud Implementation Services[/tm_heading]
[tm_box_icon style=”03″ icon_type=”fontawesome5″ icon_fontawesome5=”fa fa-check-circle” heading=”Reduce operational costs” text=”Smart cloud implementation allows focusing on real-time resource consumption and expenses, eliminating any hidden and unnecessary extra costs you may be experiencing with a proprietary or legacy system.”]
[tm_box_icon style=”03″ icon_type=”fontawesome5″ icon_fontawesome5=”fa fa-check-circle” heading=”Scale up or down when necessary” text=”Migrating to cloud or implementing a new cloud-based product from scratch, you get excellent scaling opportunities where you can easily expand or reduce the scope of operation of your software solution.”]
[tm_box_icon style=”03″ icon_type=”fontawesome5″ icon_fontawesome5=”fa fa-check-circle” heading=”Ensure collaboration efficiency” text=”Yet another advantage of cloud systems is the high availability that doesn’t depend on the user’s location and accessibility at any time, from any device connected to the web – project collaboration has never been so simple.”]
[tm_box_icon style=”03″ icon_type=”fontawesome5″ icon_fontawesome5=”fa fa-check-circle” heading=”Get zero downtime” text=”Cloud infrastructures are rapid in performance, convenient in interaction, and versatile in terms of many other technical and business opportunities. In particular, you can easily achieve zero data transition downtime.”]
[tm_heading custom_google_font=”” align=”center” text_color=”custom” custom_text_color=”#ffffff”]Let the top talents handle
your project[/tm_heading]

Choosing WDLC, you choose well tried-and-tested quality, smooth collaboration, high
performance, and focus on your specific goals. Contact us for more details.

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[tm_heading custom_google_font=”” xs_align=”center”]Why Choose WDLC?[/tm_heading]

Cloud computing implementation is a process to be handled only by savvy professionals. We have years of profiled experience and a firm grasp on the latest trends in the industry to help you build a top-notch cloud infrastructure that would bring business benefits long-term.

[tm_heading custom_google_font=”” align=”center”]FAQ[/tm_heading][tm_accordion style=”02″ items=”%5B%7B%22title%22%3A%22What%20are%20the%20popular%20cloud%20implementations%3F%22%2C%22content%22%3A%22Today%2C%20cloud%20environments%20serve%20as%20the%20market-leading%20solutions%20for%20software%20products%20and%20market%20players%20of%20all%20sizes.%20The%20most%20popular%20cloud-powered%20products%20out%20there%20right%20now%20include%20Amazon%20Web%20Services%20(AWS)%2C%20Microsoft%20Azure%2C%20Oracle%2C%20Google%20Cloud%2C%20Salesforce%2C%20IBM%20Cloud%2C%20and%20many%20others.%5Cn%5CnThe%20cloud%20software%20format%20increasingly%20gains%20momentum%20in%20the%20global%20market%20due%20to%20granting%20versatile%20scaling%20capabilities%20as%20well%20as%20cost-saving%20opportunities.%20All%20thanks%20to%20the%20%E2%80%9Cdedicated%20hosting%E2%80%9D%20principle%20and%20remote%20capabilities%20of%20the%20cloud.%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22What%20is%20a%20cloud%20implementation%20model%3F%22%2C%22content%22%3A%22A%20cloud%20implementation%20model%20is%20a%20strategy%2C%20a%20format%20of%20workflow%2C%20and%20a%20general%20form%20of%20a%20cloud%20product%20creation%20project.%20This%20category%20of%20digital%20products%20can%20be%20implemented%20in%20a%20variety%20of%20ways%20and%20it%20is%20important%20to%20settle%20with%20the%20best%20individually%20fitting%20one.%5Cn%5CnAt%20IT%20Outposts%2C%20we%20consult%20you%20on%20every%20tiny%20detail%20and%20specifics%20of%20cloud%20implementation%20and%20help%20you%20adopt%20the%20most%20fitting%20model%20or%20develop%20a%20new%20custom%20approach%20that%20best%20fits%20the%20tiniest%20of%20your%20requirements.%20%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22When%20do%20you%20need%20cloud%20implementation%20services%3F%22%2C%22content%22%3A%22You%20may%20want%20to%20implement%20a%20cloud-based%20solution%20in%20a%20vast%20variety%20of%20cases.%20From%20legacy%20system%20modernization%20to%20SaaS%20solution%20development%20%E2%80%93%20cloud%20opens%20up%20numerous%20opportunities%20for%20the%20creation%20of%20highly-demanded%20easy-to-access%2C%20lag-free%20digital%20products.%5Cn%5CnWhatever%20the%20format%20of%20your%20particular%20solution%20is%20%E2%80%93%20the%20cloud%20can%20help%20you%20efficiently%20mend%20security%20flaws%20that%20you%20may%20have%20been%20experiencing%20with%20legacy%20solutions%2C%20easily%20monitor%20internal%20processes%20through%20convenient%20centralized%20dashboards%2C%20and%20even%20automate%20a%20bunch%20of%20routine%20management%20tasks.%22%7D%5D”]
[tm_heading custom_google_font=”” align=”center”]Services we also provide[/tm_heading]
[tm_box_icon heading=”Infrastructure Support Services” text=”IT Infrastructure Support Modern realities dictate the working conditions of each organization and efficiency depends on the level of development and management of the IT”]
[tm_box_icon heading=”Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)” text=”Disaster Recovery Services It would appear a simple question: disaster recovery services, but numerous providers of this service do not comprehend a precise definition of”]
[tm_box_icon heading=”Cloud Costs Optimization” text=”Cloud Costs Optimization Cloud processing and storage solutions are truly game-changing systems for dozens of businesses out there that get unprecedented scaling and cost-saving opportunities”]
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