Digital Technologies to co-create a Leaner Warehouse

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Enterprise Resource Planning applications have been driving automation and scalability for decades.
Birlasoft’s pre-packaged solutions enable quicker roll out and faster adoption of ERP technologies.
Intelligent ERP Upgrade

For a sustainable competitive advantage, organizations are increasingly looking at IT as a strategic investment to align to their changing nature of business and increasing global footprint. Keeping its enterprise value chain system up-to-date, is a requisite and not an alternative; to drive advantages such as faster time-to-market & enhanced real-time visibility. Some critical considerations delaying an upgrade are:

  • Confidence that there will be no business disruption when upgraded instance goes live
  • Access to proprietary tools to accelerate the upgrade process
  • Option to reduce, consolidate and standardize custom objects
  • Confidence on having seen successful large, complex upgrades
Solution Overview

End-to-end R12 upgrade packaged as “Upgrade-in-a-box” covers all Finance | Supply-Chain | Manufacturing processes leveraging in-house tools and accelerators ensuring an expedited upgrade for a fixed quote.

  • Go-Live Readiness on Upgraded Instance in a Quarter
  • Zero Disruption upgrade
  • Financial period closure support
  • User adoption assistance
  • Predictable TCO

Fresh water is becoming an increasingly scarce global resource. The global demand of Water: may go up by 40% in 2025. About 5% of water requirement, today, is met by Reverse Osmosis. An integral element of the RO process are the membranes used for Desalination of Sea and Brackish Water,

Waste water treatment and Fresh water purification. For the replacement of these membranes, while availability of Data has been solved, its not properly stored and analyzed to support predictive analysis. The absence of leading indicators prevents the adoption of predictive maintenance. Inability of preventive Maintenance leads to high cost, low membrane life and generation loss.

Solution Overview

Predicts and prevents membrane failures, resulting in uninterrupted supply of potable water to communities and industries

  • Acquire data from Sensors/DCS/HMI Online through Device Integration
  • Process data to provide KPIs, Lead Fouling Indicators and Prescriptive Action to:
    • Eliminate process outage through timely cleaning action
    • Eliminate permanent pore blockades due to continued Plugging and Fouling
    • Avoid damaging membrane polyamide structure by pinpointing cleaning requirement
    • Achieve and maintain lower specific power consumption
ERP-LED Digital Transformation: Strategy and Execution

New Business Models, Consumerization of Everything, Immersive Experiences; People, Business and Things Interaction are the themes being revisited by all organizations as they try to understand the evolving digital era. SAP enables in the path towards transformation by focusing on the five pillars of Simple data model, modern user experience, innovative business solutions, choice of deployment and non-disruptive journey.

Solution Overview

Consulting Approach

  • SAP Digital Transformation Workshop
  • SAP Digital readiness Assignment Simplification, Mobility and Analytics Focused
  • SAP Fiori Implementation
  • SAP Mobile Platform Implementation
  • SAP HANA Analytics Modelling
  • SAP Lumira / Cloud Analytics Implementation S/4 HANA Focused
  • SAP HANA DB Migration
  • SAP S/4 HANA Migration
  • SAP S/4 HANA Implementation
ZeROism In ERP

Organizations today are faced with several challenges in supporting their ERP applications including increasing cost of ownership, higher ticket volumes and lesser value delivered to the business.

The “ZeROism in ERP” framework is meant to optimize and improve support operations as well as help businesses derive a significantly higher value from their ERP systems. Key tenets of the framework include enhanced support governance structures, automation to improve efficiencies and continuous transformation to drive business growth and productivity

Benefits include:

  • 30% YoY reduction in ticket count
  • 60% reduction in TCO in 3 years
  • 35% improvement on business KPI’s
Solution Overview

Improved IT Operations and Governance

  • ERP support governance structures
  • Accelerated Knowledge Transition with Zero disruption
  • Reduction and elimination of tickets Automation
  • Automation of debugging & resolution steps for known errors/failures
  • Release/deployment automation
  • Robotics: Automation of repeatable business activities
  • Artificial Intelligence: Embedded Digital Assistant Transformation
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Mobility and Social Integration
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • IoT readiness

ERP implementation exercise is a crucial but challenging task for any organization. The complexity of the process is compounded by the availability of Limited IT resource and Budget and rising costs, Heavy, inflexible legacy environment and scoping and stakeholder engagement issues. The pressure to leverage IT to enable business strategies, Comply with international reporting standards and clear the backlog of It Projects is directing organizations to look for shorter operation execution cycle and faster time to value with limited resource.

Solution Overview
  • Pre-configured business templates to evaluate jumpstart and fine-tune
  • Combination of rapid-deployment solutions that can be tested and preloaded with data for specific project need
  • Leverages all assets of RDS bill-of-material
  • Accelerate development by common ,manual configurations
  • Adapt solution to project needs, using custom organizational structures, preloaded data, content enhancements, and more
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